Paint Our Town Blue is a public awareness campaign promoting the prevention of child abuse and neglect in Genesee County through education and increased attention to this epidemic. Our aim is to raise attention to its prevalence and the long term impacts in has on child development, as well as social and economic conditions in our whole community.   

We believe children should be valued and nurtured by both their families and the larger family of community. By providing resources to parents and caregivers and educating our whole community on how they can help prevent child abuse, we hope to make Genesee County one of the best places for children to live.

Our hope is that the community helps Paint Our Town Blue throughout the month of April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Help blanket our county in blue, with blue ribbons and pinwheels, which reflect hope, health, and safety for children and families and are national symbols for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Painting Our Town Blue will provide a visual reminder to everyone of the need for child protection in our community.

Paint Our Town Blue is an initiative of Priority Children, Weiss Advocacy Center, and Whaley Children’s Center, three organizations based in Genesee County, Michigan. The services provided by these organizations try to prevent child abuse and neglect and also offer help to children and families who have lived through it. For more information you can visit prioritychildren.org, weissadvocacycenter.org, and whaleychildren.org.